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Modern Russian cuisine

37 Moyka emb., St. Petersburg


пн-вт: с 12.00 до 23.30, ср-вс: с 12.00 до 01.00

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Average check
1300 rub
Costume music shows, DJ with pop dance set
Working hours
from 12 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. (Mon, Tue), from 12 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. (Wed-Sun)
two rooms for 60 and 10 person
Nevsky prospekt and Admiralteyskaya

Restaurant "LA RUSS" was opened on the site of the legendary restaurant "NEP". "LA RUSS" is located in the heart of St.-Petersburg on the Palace Square, renowned for its hospitality and commitment to traditional Russia. Here you’ll be met with a smile and offerings that challenges preconceptions of Russian cuisine.

Restaurant "LA RUSS" has taken over the building where “NEP” operated for more than 15 years and continues its legacy by offering evening show programs which can surprise even an experienced audience with it's bright choreography, live pop-vocals and imaginative costumes. This makes LA RUSS a popular place for holiday events, parties, or corporate evenings.

For guests our restaurant provides two halls. The main hall seats 60-65 people in addition to the VIP-hall. Everything in its design show that russian restaurant can be fashionable and classy and interesting not only for tourists, but for compatriots too. And exactly in this way our restaurant will show up to you. Modern fashion trends, antique details and integral features of Palace style harmonically flow together into design of our restaurant which is run into modern classic style. Soft roundish sofas and vivid artist-built chairs, unique chandelier, stacks and niche filled up with photographs of imperial high life, antique pieces and uncommon setting. Special mention deserve our unique things such as splendid throne, the imperial crown, petite carriage and faberge egg duplicate run in single copy specifically for our restaurant. They remind us of high lights of russian history. In the day light you will meet our restaurant with bright and cozy atmosphere but at night it wrapped in mystery curtain and romance.

And in warm season you can settle yourself on the open terrace with the Palace Square view.

The VIP hall has a romantic atmosphere in the style of the elegant Orient express. One can comfortably sit on a soft velvet sofa and relax after a noisy Russian feast while admiring the elegant frescoes. The cozy and compact VIP hall is designed for 10 people and is ideal for business lunches, dinners, or small family holidays.

In the evenings, starting at 20:30, you can watch the author's costumed musical show programs, designed for those with the most demanding taste. The large selection in shows means that everyone will find a favorite. “LA RUSS” offers shows including:

"Bravo, Broadway!" is a colorful musical extravaganza, which combines elements of variety, musical, and cabaret in the style of the best Broadway productions and famous musical films.

"Nostalgia" will carry you to a musical journey into the past. Romances of the white émigré during the revolution, incendiary gypsy dances, and choreographic miniatures are based on the movie "12 chairs".

"Such Different Cabaret", which won the nomination for "The best restaurant show" in St. Petersburg. You will plunge into the atmosphere of the elegance of a Parisian cafe,you’ll feel the passion of the bullfighters, and see the chic Chicago style variety show.

"With Ksenia Arsenieva and Co." is a well-known musical group in St. Petersburg at restaurants and features a dancing show in the cabaret-style.

"Love story" is a musical statement about love and passion, uniting popular songs, original choreography, and the author's costumes of the last century.

"Russian style", the newest offering, is a modern interpretation of Russian folklore, folk dances, songs of the Soviet period, and world famous western hits about Russia.

Following the show, the DJ plays a popular dance set until closing.

The cuisine of LA RUSS is a combination of Russian traditions of actual gastronomic trends made with natural farm products. An unusual combination of ingredients, seasonal local products, and modern cooking techniques make even the most familiar dishes seem new. La Russ’s executive chef especially recommends his specialties such as Karelian deer fillet with stewed fowl and blueberry port, Black Sea rapana with an orange-ginger sauce and sirloin from muksun on ice.

The worthy cuisine corresponds to the wine list where you will find a wide selection of wines, cognacs, liqueurs, and tinctures. Moreover, for real gourmets and connoisseurs of true Russian drinks, we offer a traditional distilled bread wine and other distilled drinks crafted in the best national traditions.

If you like an atmosphere of fun and celebration, the restaurant LA RUSS is the restaurant for you!


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